When to Choose a 30 Year Fixed Mortgage

Choosing a mortgage is a difficult process. Not only are you looking for someone to lend you a large amount of money, but you are also looking for the best payment plan in order to pay off that loan someday. While it can seem like there are many different mortgages that offer low interest rates and options, in truth, different options are better for different kinds of homeowners. In the case of the 30 year fixed mortgage, this is a choice that many more people are making – and maybe you should consider it too. Here are some of the times when you should choose this mortgage over other options.

When Interest Rates are Low

The main reason why anyone chooses a 30 year mortgage is because of its set interest rate. You will only have to pay a certain amount each month for the duration of the thirty years, making this a perfect solution when the internet rates are low. This means that you will be guaranteed low interest rates, even if the interest rates on the market are jumping up. However, there is some luck involved in this process – and some faith that the interest rates will stay low for you when you are trying to get this specific mortgage.

If you are content to wait a while to apply for a house mortgage, you might want to try a thirty year fixed mortgage as soon as the rates drop to a level that you can afford. The truth is that right now, interest rates are historically low, but they are going to go back up eventually, so your timing needs to be quick.

When You Have a Steady Job

If you have a job that you can count on (government, medical, etc.), signing up for a 30 year mortgage is a fantastic investment plan. Not only will you be certain that you will be able to make your monthly payments, but you will also be nearly certain that over the course of your steady job, you will be making more money, leading you to more extra money at the end of each month.

Though it’s true that no job is ever completely steady, jobs that are in hot demand now are probably going to be in hot demand in the future as well. Things like medical, education, and business are ever growing fields, so getting into a good job now means that you will be able to continue to pay for your home investment in the future.

When You Don’t Want to Risk a Higher Mortgage Payment

If you opt for the adjustable rate mortgage that seems to have the lower interest rate now, you are taking a chance that the payments could go up – a lot – in the future. This is something that is built into the variable interest rate agreement. If the market changes, your mortgage payments will change too. While this might not be a problem for some people, if you have a job outlook that’s unclear, this can be problematic for you. You might not have the money in the future to pay off your mortgage if it goes up dramatically – and that’s not a situation you want to be in.

If you like stability and the assurance that you can pay for your mortgage, a 30 year fixed plan is a great choice for you. This is especially important when you have a job income that isn’t certain – i.e. being self employed.

There’s a reason why a 30 year fixed mortgage is the loan of choice for many homeowners these days – it just makes sense in today’s changing and uncertain times.

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