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Learn why searching for a mortgage company has changed. Discover 8 effective ideas to finding the best mortgage broker online and how to guard your credit while you search.

Friends ask me all the time how to find a mortgage lender or broker. It comes with the territory. As a former bank loan officer and owner of my own mortgage company, I have an insider’s perspective regarding the mortgage lending business. So I know what I would look for in a mortgage company and try to pass that on to people.

Here are a few simple yet effective principles that I encourage my friends to use.

First, look for a mortgage lender with a stellar reputation. Question your friends, co-workers and family. Ask who they’ve used and if they’d return for their next mortgage. When you hear the same company name repeating in your discussions, pay attention.

Second, be on the alert for individuals. Is a specific loan officer often mentioned? Banks and mortgage companies usually employ a number of loan officers. It is important to have as much confidence in your home loan representative as you do their company.

Third, compile your list of 3 to 5 recommended mortgage companies and trusted loan officers.

Fourth, take action. Make contact using a short summary about what you are trying to accomplish. It is better if you write out your purpose ahead of time so you won’t feel flustered or forget important ideas. It also helps clarify in your own mind what matters the most to you.

In one sentence be able to describe your purpose. Are you purchasing a home and need pre approval? Do you need cash to update your kitchen or replace the roof? Are you expecting your ARM to increase at its next adjustment? Do you want a 30 year fixed rate mortgage with stable payments? Whatever your reasons to seek financing, be straight forward and to the point with the mortgage representative.

Fifth, after describing your goals, it’s time to allow the mortgage broker to speak. She may ask you more questions. This is a good sign. It means she’s being thoughtful and creative.

Sixth, ask for her recommendation based on current lending programs. Important! Take notes.

Seventh, check your response. How do you feel about the conversation? How you react can have an affect on the outcome of your mortgage transaction. Remember, a gut feeling matters.

Eighth, grade prospective lenders. By paying attention to their responses, rank them based on whether they sounded knowledgeable and if you liked them.

There is one more important element to finding your best mortgage lender, the internet. More and more lenders are attempting to shift the mortgage application process online. Although I prefer direct contact with my mortgage broker, I think it’s an accepted fact that mortgage lending is moving to the internet.

Even though online mortgage lending may exceed your current comfort level at first glance, it actually expands opportunities. Reducing expenses to lenders results in lower closing costs to borrowers.

So take advantage of the search function of your online service provider and your preferred search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Windows Live, Ask.

Type in your search words. Try “mortgage rates”, “mortgage lenders”, “compare mortgage rates”, or simply your purpose such as “refinance”. Then sit back and allow the search engines to do the work.

Here is another little idea that may help you find lenders closer to home. Type in the name of your city after your search word.

Then follow a similar process that I outlined above except instead of talking to a loan officer, search through each website.

If you decide you want more information from a specific lender, you will probably have to fill out a brief online application. That is OK but be cautious. Unless this is a lender you are certain you want to work with, do not input your social security number.

There are two reasons for this. One is for security purposes. The other is to protect your credit score.

Warning! Ordering your credit history usually follows releasing your social security number to home loan financial companies. It seems reasonable to provide a lender with your social security number and once your final determination for a mortgage lender has been made, it will be necessary to give your social security number to proceed.

But here are the facts. Every time a lender orders your credit report, it can decrease your credit score, reducing your borrowing ability. So be safe and be smart. Wait until you’ve chosen a lender before providing your social security number.

As a side note, I highly recommend using a credit monitoring service such as Equifax or Experian to track your credit file so that you know before you apply of any credit issues.

Use these simple ideas when searching for a lender. Follow my 8 easy steps. Take advantage of the internet to search online. Guard personal information and your credit scores. You will greatly improve your chances of finding the lender that is best for you.

Best of luck searching for a mortgage lender. Kate Ford

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