Creation of wealth, The Lesser Known Plans Of Financial Abundance

To become financially independent, we must understand that the creation of wealth is first and foremost a state of mind.

It is a mindset and it is an attitude that produces wealth, it is also an ability that is available to all. If you wish to become wealthy it is simply a case of developing that correct mindset, developing thought habits that propel you in the right direction and a willingness to act when opportunity presents itself. Having said this lets look at a few of the characteristics found in all successful and wealthy people

Make a firm decision to become wealthy. Becoming rich has to become a must in your life. The only way to succeed is to make a firm, conscious decision to become wealthy, it will probably not happen by accident. Write it down, put an amount and a deadline on it. This is the best possible start.

Remove all negative feelings and emotions about money. What ever hang ups you have, you must get rid of them. Rich people are not all greedy liars and cheats. Some of the wealthiest people in the world have done the most good. You are what you are good or bad, money will not make a good person bad or a bad person good. In fact, the more you have the more you can contribute, that’s how I see wealth, the more I make, the more I can give away to those in need. It’s powerful motivation indeed.

Start thinking in terms of both, not either or. Rich or happy, both. Steak or lobster, both. Cake or eat it, both. Get the point? You have to think in terms of both, start to believe you can have it all. Life will give you whatever you ask from it, always ask for both. Get in this habit.

Be creative, not competitive. It’s a misconception that it takes money to make money, it doesn’t, it takes creativity to make money. Leave the competitive plain behind, it’s bad new. For us there is plenty to go round, no need to compete at any level. We will succeed based on our creativity.

Think abundance not scarcity. The reason we have no need to compete is because of the abundance we live in. To become truly wealthy we must leave all images and idea’s of scarcity and lack behind, they will not help you. In fact quite the opposite.

Lastly, study wealth and wealthy people It a subject like any other and the more we learn the better we will be. Read biographies of successful people, see if you can find common traits, I assure you that you will. If you adopt these traits yourself you to will get good results.

Don’t concern yourself at this point with what business or how, that will surely come to you when the time is right. For now the task is simply to develop the millionaires mind.

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