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Chances are that each day you are receiving several potential mortgage leads, and just don’t know it. If you are like most people, there’s a good likihood that you get the local newspaper daily. And hidden inside its pages, there are mortgage leads there just for the taking. You just need to know where to look, and you can have an ever flowing source of new business.

Take a few minutes and pull out your local newspaper. Go to the classified section that deals with “homes for sale.” Among the numerous advertisements placed by real estate agents, you will also find a good percentage of classified ads being run by homeowners trying to sell their properties on their own (without the use of a Realtor).

These For Sale By Owners (ie. commonly referred to as FSBOs or “fizzbos”) are your gold mine of new business. You see, most people trying to sell their homes without professional assistance are getting slaughtered in this housing market. They simply can’t wrap their minds around the fact that their homes are valued much less than what they think. So these frustrated homeowners are in desperate need of help, and this provides an opportunity for you to make a commission (while also helping out a person in trouble).

If a FSBO is placing a classified ad in the newspaper, then they are serious about moving and probably are thinking about buying a new home (and therefore needing a purchase loan). Unlike a real estate agent (who has to face fierce resistance from the homeowner because of the sales commission they are making on the transaction), you can bypass that issue because you can earn a commission without ever having to take a penny from the homeowner.


You are going to “help” the FSBO by prequalifying potential buyers for him. This ensures that only people who are actually in a financial position to purchase the home get to see the home. No more wasted time on buyers who could never afford to buy the home in the first place.

Not only does prequalifying help save the homeowner time, but it also drastically increases the chance of the loan closing smoothly.

Right now, there are probably dozens of classified ads from frustarted fizzbos who need your assistance. Helping these individuals can result in multiple purchase loans. The daily newspaper, although low tech, still provides you with an ongoing stream of mortgage leads each day. All you have to do is know where to look.

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