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You could look online for low cost home insurance with the help of a specialist broker. This could lead to the biggest savings and you could check out the features of the cover easily which could help to ensure that the cover met your needs.

There are two basic policies when considering low cost home insurance, contents and buildings insurance. These can be taken separately or you can choose to take them both together and if you want both forms of cover then this could be the cheapest way. As the home insurance market is more competitive online sometimes you can get offers such as take out buildings insurance and get contents insurance free of charge, up to so much. As buildings insurance is compulsory when taking out the mortgage if you can find an offer like this you would not have to pay for the contents, or pay very little, which is not compulsory.

Buildings insurance is taken to cover the shell of your home and would payout for you to rebuild your home if in the worst case scenario your home should burn down to the ground.The insurance policy would also payout for the rubble to be cleared for the site so that rebuilding could take place. You can usually claim on the insurance for any fixtures in your home that are not removable. This means you would be able to claim for fittings in the bathroom, your fitted kitchen, garden sheds and garages. The cost of buildings insurance would depend on many factors some of which would depend on the value of your home, the structure of your home and the area in which you live.

Contents insurance provides peace of mind for your personal belongings and any items that you would take with you should you move home.

Usually the standard policy would payout for damage or loss caused by fire, theft, flood damage and some could include accidental damage in their protection. However you would have to check over any policy you were considering taking out to ensure that accidental damage was included as some ask you pay extra for this.

There could also be limits on the policy and exclusions and these would also need to be checked before taking out the policy. For instance items which are of particular value might be excluded unless you had mentioned these beforehand. Items such as TVs, computer, clothing and your furniture could all be covered, plus more. The sum you would receive back from the policy if you should lose everything is the amount that you chose to insure. To work out this figure you could take a pen and paper and go around your home taking an inventory of all items. When you do this calculate everything as even the smallest of items can soon add up. Do not forget to look in places such as your wardrobes, cupboards, drawers and loft. Many people store items away and then forget about them so you would want to include everything in your home when considering low cost home insurance.

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