NWO: The wealth will be in Asia

New World Shifting to Asia

All the predictions have been made and thought over countless times for the New World Order set up. The financial emergency has turned into reality, laying the board for almost anything to happen even from our most wild nightmares. Mainstream media is finally starting to speak the “D” word as people come out of their safe sleep. We can already see where things are going from looking back at history and our current worldwide crisis, which is already leading to riots in some countries. Will the whole world be totally shaken to the ground? Only the future will tell. But I do know that the world is about to make massive economic and political shifts over the next decade. I believe it is very important that people understand what these changes are, how people will be affected by them, and even how to take advantage of them.
America is now the largest debtor nation in the world. We have huge trade deficits, a weak manufacturing base, and no realistic way to pay off our trillions of dollars in debt. Hyper-inflation is right around the corner. With each government stimulus and propping up of the system, we are debasing our currency and creating gigantic debts for our future generations. They will hold the responsibility of paying these debts by giving up their own standards of living for our own. I think we’ve passed our last chance for economic survival by letting the market work freely and let companies fail. We just continue to take money from the competent and give it back to the incompetent.
The three largest creditor nations are now China, Japan, and South Korea. China and Japan are the two largest carriers of U.S. treasuries. China is about to halt purchases our treasuries with more countries to follow suite soon after. The money has moved to Asia now. This doesn’t mean that everyone has a high standard of living throughout Asia, but standards will continue to rise as they fall in the Western countries. I think Asian countries will get out of the depression first, while the rest of the world continues to struggle its way out. This will free up resources for Asia and give it time to reorganize and gain the upper hand in the world economy, thereby forcing an exchange of living standards.
This vast exchange of wealth and power will change the world in the coming century and we should all try to understand what this means. If you are living in the West then it will probably not be beneficial for you. However, we can also be a part of the prosperous future in Asia if we are serious about it. New World Order scenarios aside, we can stay free and move where prosperity moves. Just don’t wait too much longer.

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