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Investing in precious metals, particularly gold and silver, has proven to be one of the most consistently profitable investments on the market today. Merit Financial is a forerunner in not only providing outstanding service and industry leading prices, but excellent information to those interested in precious metal investing.

With the state of the economy today, it’s hard to find the right areas to invest in. The stock market is all over the place and will be that way forever. It can be rewarding one day and fall off the next. When it comes to precious metals, gold bullion and silver bullion have stood the test of time.

People invest in gold and silver because it is a tangible item. Prices may fluctuate but, regardless, you will always have a physical commodity to rely on if ever in need of currency. Accepted pretty much everywhere in the world, precious metals like gold and silver will forever have a value.

When referring to precious metals, Merit Financial states, “no other investment offers the unique combination of profit, privacy and protection. * Profitability: Gold and Silver have both consistently outperformed all major market indexes over the last several years, posting gains well over 100% since 2000. * Protection: Precious metals are a crucial insurance policy for an investment portfolio, because they are generally anti-cyclical assets. When inflation occurs, lessening the purchasing power of the dollar gold and silver tend to grow in value, acting as a hedge against economic risks. This is why precious metals have been a stable preservation of wealth for thousands of years. * Privacy: Certain forms of gold and silver, including private bullion, certified coins and numismatic rarities provide total privacy for the investor. For tax benefit information, please give us a call and we would be glad to answer any questions you might have.”

When building your portfolio, gold investing is one of the wisest and safest investments you can make. With a proven track record and incomparable growth rate investing in precious metals will only take you to the next level. Even with a slight decrease in value you will almost certainly see your investment bounce back to its original price and then some.

It’s important when investing in anything that you have the most up to date and relevant information possible to assure you are investing in items that have your best interests in goals in mind. Do your research and only deal with reputable companies that have a proven track record of success.

Today’s economy has produced many “short term” companies that are looking for a quick buck by attaching themselves to trends they know nothing about. Be wary of companies that don’t have an office or places that cold call and ask for funds immediately over the phone. If someone has trouble answering your questions or providing references don’t be afraid to investigate their legitimacy and tell them you’re not interested.

A good investment company will have a wealth of information and be able to provide you with amazing service; don’t settle for less.

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Merit Financial is a reputable dealer of gold coins and other precious metals.

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