Who Represents You When You Are Buying a Home? Three Things You Should Know About Buyer Agency

When the agent showing you homes is working for the seller, they owe a fiduciary responsibility to the seller. Their job is to try to sell you a home. They are working in the seller’s best interests. Who is working in your best interests? No one. Is that fair? When an agent is working in your best interests, it is called “buyer agency.” Your agent then becomes your advocate, and can negotiate the best deal for you, the buyer. When you enter into an “exclusive right to represent” with a buyer’s agent, the agent will work for you, for a specified period of time, to find you the home that you want and with the terms that are best for you. Instead of a salesperson, you now have a consultant.

Here are three important facts about buyer agency that you should know:

1.Instead of showing you homes that you have already spent time investigating, a buyer’s agent will learn your requirements and do the searching for you. Instead of trying to sell you the homes they show you, the agent will understand your needs and listen to your feedback and concerns about each home. Anything you tell your agent is kept confidential.

2.When an agent has a buyer under contract, they are able to preview homes, including for sale by owner homes, that fit your criteria. The buyer’s agent will help you get a contract negotiated and close the transaction with the least hassle possible. That’s because they are working for you.

3.The best part of this arrangement is that IT IS AT NO COST TO YOU! The seller almost always pays the buyer agent’s fee. You get the services of a professional agent devoted to helping you make one of the most important investment decisions you will ever make – for free.

Visit the Certified Buyer Representative website http://www.cbrsource.com for more information about buyer agency.

Diane Schubach
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Keller Williams of Greater Nassau

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