Easy Forex – Trading Price Action VS Trading With Indicators

It amazes but there are still a lot of traders who have never heard of price action. Especially when you consider it’s the oldest form of technical trading. While the traders that have heard of it, think that it’s an impossible method to grasp, which doesn’t make any sense to me.

When you consider that the average trader has a ton of indicators on their charts, and they are just waiting for each to align to take a trade. How could price action not be easier than this??? After all, you are eliminating all the needless indicators.

To give you an example, I would say the most widely used indicator would probably be Stochastics. People will take trades solely on what this indicator is telling them, instead of their own perception of the market.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just one indicator, but most traders just go WAY overboard on this. If a child were to look at some of these charts, they would think that these people are playing some kind of video game, with all the different lines, colors, shapes, etc….that are on the charts.

So it just really stuns me when I hear about how people think price action is to complicated. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? These traders are used to looking at 7 or 8 indicators at a time, and price action is complicated? How could that possibly be?

Think of it like this: Let’s say you just got your favorite magazine in the mail. Where do you go to read it? Would you go to a construction site? I’m guessing you wouldn’t because all the noise would make it difficult to concentrate. Well… when you trade with 7 or 8 indicators at a time, that’s exactly what you are doing. To keep with this analogy, trading with price action would be like reading that magazine at the library. Download your Forex ebook @ http://funeasyforex.blogspot.com now.

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Candy is a Forex Trader cum Internet Marketer, passionate about the returns of trading Forex. You can go http://funeasyforex.blogspot.com to get your FREE Forex ebook now.

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