Is The Stockmarket Really Going To Recover?

After all the cheers by brokers and analysts, technically, the market is very VERY weak and the bears are in full force again it seems. I must admit that I am not surprised! If you have seen some of the charts I have posted previously you will understand why also.

Despite the obvious negative sentiment on the market earlier, I am actually quite positive and in high spirits today, so I have also decided to squeeze in a little surprise for you…

Seems like the markets are very nervous already, as the big boys start releasing their earning report this week. It’s no use panicking just yet, we will have to see what will get thrown out there. But for now, it seems like the DOW has his little white handkerchief out ready to “Bid You Adieu!” i.e. ready to have another nice little sell off.

Rest assured, no matter what happens this week is going to be very interesting and testing week on the market.

OK, as promised here is a little surprise for all the sports lovers out there…

Below I have added a video for you that explains more about what is happening with this crazy market at present.

I will let you in on a little secret – Normally these videos (and much more) are only available to our private members but since you guys have all been behaving ( except a few weekend parties I am hearing rumors of ) I thought what the heck!… YES! its a very small sampler to all the great info we release regularly to our private members (which we are re-opening soon).

According to scientific studies, many people are left brain dominant and learn easier through examples… SO for all you “lefties” out there feel free watch our sampler video below. I am sure you will learn a thing or two.


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