Trading: Tips for The Troubled Trader

The troubled trader is someone who just can’t seem to make it in the trading world. They may have learned a lot in the past, but are still having trouble making consistent gains.

If you are in this situation these tips can help you out.

1. Turn Off the News

It is very tempting to look at the news, especially when you are having a hard time. You want to get that last piece of assurance that everything is alright, everything will work out. Even if you realize how dangerous it can be it is still hard to turn off the TV.

The most dangerous part about the news is that it only heightens your emotions. The more you watch the more you feel fear, greed, and run with the rest of the heard.

2. Develop Your Own Plan

You want to develop 1 trading plan and work on that. If you switch around from strategy to strategy you are going to go nowhere. Switching from swing trading to day trading because you can’t get it to work is like trying to become a professional golfer because you failed at being a billiards player.

Once you have a dream, stick to it and never go off course.

3. Control Risk

Lastly you want to be able to control your risk. By controlling your risk you can limit the amount you lose when you are wrong, which is the first step. You can lose the majority of the time and still be profitable if your losses are small enough. So they are the first thing to concentrate on.

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