FAQ About Futures Trading Secrets

If you are interested in learning how to trade futures, Futures Trading Secrets course may be for you.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Futures Trading Secrets.

1. How is the course delivered… Is it a physical course I get in the mail or is it a digitally downloadable course? Futures Trading Secrets is a physical course that you will receive in the mail. It will be sent to you.

2. Is it multi media? Yes, the course includes both written text & audio video content for people with different learning styles.

3. If I buy the course, who pays the shipping costs? Shipping is included with the price. There is not an extra charge.

4. How many bonus’ are included with Futures Trading Secrets? 6 different bonus come with the course.

5. How many video tutorials? 20 different video tutorials come with Futures Trading Secrets.

6. How many CD-Roms come with Futures Trading Secrets? 3 separate CD-Roms.

7. Can the course help me predict the future? Realistically no. After all, no one has a crystal ball. But, it may help with anticipating the market’s next move. Imagine just having a small edge. Imagine the profits that edge could produce!

8. Does the course cover how to trade index futures contracts? Yes. On page 15.

9. Does it discuss how to calculate market highs & low? Yes.

10. What are some of the topics covered in Futures Trading Secrets? Topics covered include that overall direction of the market, market turning points, the logic of the market, and non-lagging indicators.

Is there anything else I need to know? That depends on what you are after. You may need to check out the Futures Trading Secrets website if you want more information or if you have more questions that need to be answered.

Are you a budding or seasoned futures trader? Then this course may be something to check out if you want to learn to trade profitably. Good luck!

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